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Offshore Development Center - How we build it

Offshore Development Center (ODC) - Built to your specifications - PBOT (Plan, Build, Operate and Transfer) model:

Following describes our high level workflow to build an ODC:

Plan:  (one to two weeks)

Describe and articulate your needs and expectations from an ODC.  Imagine an ODC as your extended organization. 

We will help you plan which of your functions and processes are better fit for relocating them to the ODC.  Based upon your needs, we will recommend a good balance between onshore and offshore staff to get started and work on the timeline and road map to achieve your target state.

Build: (four weeks to twelve weeks)

Once you identify which functions and business processes will be performed from an ODC, we will start recruiting (from our available pool of resources or external candidates), procure desk space, computers, phone etc.  Depending upon the starting headcount, it will take four to twelve weeks.  You will be finalizing the selection of the staff.

Operate: (one month - one year)

Once the build is completed, we will start operating the ODC for you.  Our services include, administrative management of the employees, facility and resource management and any other specific needs required.  It will work to your organization culture and processes specified.

As a client you have an option to start operating yourself right away, have us operate it for a period of time before transferring.

Transfer: (one week)

Depending upon the agreement, we will transfer the ownership of the ODC to you.  We will be available for any consulting needs that you have to run the center on demand, but you will be running the ODC.

Optionally, we can run the ODC for longer time, depending upon your needs and expand as needed.

We typically setup the ODC in the cities where costs are lower, infrastructure is robust, local (state level) government is very supportive and talent is abundant.  Please contact us to get a few locations for setting up such centers.

Your ODC

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