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Get FDA Approval

Improve your credibility and get more business.  It is statistically observed that FDA approved products command a premium price and produces more sales.

Do you have a medical device/software that you wish to get cleared to sell in the U.S.? We can help.

Are you looking for an agent to act as your representative in the U.S.? Contact us.

Need an importer/distributor? We can play the part.


Adept can work with you on any aspect of the FDA process and partner with you to realize your dreams.

Your ODC

Native RTL SupportYour missing piece of puzzle, your offshore development center, can bring you complete solution.  A low cost, highly effective offshore development center of your own, we will build it for you.


Big Data and Cloud Consulting

Easy to startInvite the best consultants to help you navigate complex world of big data and cloud computing.  Our simple but effective approach will reduce the risk of failure and lead you to successful path.

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Docs / SupportPlethora of data is available through ever growing data every second.  It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the data.  Our expertise help you with big data and specific tools to create actionable data reports and analytics to grow your business and identify potential opportunities. 

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